What is Getfixly?

Who are we?

Getfixly is a cleaning platform based in London with a great cause to make people’s lives much easier with a platform that is made to perfection and focuses on the value of service instead of the value of profit. Our services consist of cleaning houses for now but will not be restricted to only homes but with a goal to reach everyone in need of cleaning services done to perfection. We have a professional team of cleaners and staff to make your money worth its value.

What we do?

Getfixly matches the perfect cleaner according to your needs to get the job done the best way possible. We do background checks of cleaners and give them the required training as part of our service. We arrange for the cleaner to come to your house at the given time and date by you and fulfil all the cleaning needs you have.

What matters to us?

Getfixly is a platform that achieves its goals with good feedback that comes from its clients. We aim for 100% satisfaction in every home we enter. Our services are fully insured to make sure nothing can go wrong and the insurance is there to cover any* unwanted events. Communication is very important for us, that’s why you have the option to choose which language your cleaner speaks, so there are no misleading events.

How it works?

With our user-friendly platform, all you have to do is enter your preferences into the booking page, log in details of the property, and your good to go. We will try our best to match the best cleaner to whatever your needs are, no last-minute cancellation by our guaranteed service. It’s that simple!

The booking

Our user-friendly interface will help you along the way with the simple booking system that we have implemented. With preferences like language, we can do our best to match your needs. With this feature, we aim for the highest client satisfaction and our shine our competitors in this sector. Once you’ve made your first booking and were happy with your cleaner there is also an option to book with the same cleaner to visit your house again. Bookings can also be made for periods like one-off, weekly, and fortnightly.

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