Spring Cleaning Time

You are ready for summer, is your home ready too?

Summer is coming. Vacation plans, diets, shopping… All of okay. So, have you prepared your home for summer? ‘Preparing the home for summer?’ I seem to hear you say. We definitely say that. These days exactly are time for spring cleaning. How does it sound to renew the air of your home in this beautiful season, to prepare your home for summer, to bring the fresh and clean state of spring  to your home? If this idea appeals to you as we do, let’s share with you the step-by-step plan to prepare our home for summer.

Cleaning first…

We should start by deep cleaning the home. As deep as possible… Because the doors and windows have been closed for months. Dust, mites and bacteria accumulated in the home may have built big cities for themselves in your home. I guess you don’t want to keep inside these uninvited guests in your home any more. For this, all items in the home should be removed, they should be made hygienic with both wet and dry cleaning including the small areas at the bottom. Door and window frames, bathroom tiles, under the beds, backs of cabinet, windows, inside oven, fridge and more…

Your home’ll blossom forth 

It’s not just a deep cleaning, it’s actually a regeneration in a sense. It’s time to bring spring home with fragrant cleaning materials! Floral-scented floor cleaners, soap-scented detergents, and ocean-scented air fresheners. Why should only trees bloom when your home is being?

Little touches make big changes

If you say, ‘Just a deep cleaning is enough to bring summer air to our home’, you are wrong. A deep cleaning is necessary but not enough. After cleaning, you can make your home suitable for seasonal changes with small touches. Tired of that blanket in the corner of the sofa? Or dark-colored Christmas accessories, snow-themed paintings… Now it’s time to call for summer. You can make the cleaning even more visible by changing the decorative accessories of your home. It would be great to choose bedlinens in more vibrant colors, to hang sea and sun-themed paintings on the wall, to place decorative products made of seashells and mats on the coffee table and you can put the flowers you collect from the garden in the vase on the counter. Thus, the change that comes after cleaning not only adds a new atmosphere to your home, but also revitalizes you.

‘I’ll do the changes part, but the cleaning…’

Of course, making these small changes is a lot of fun. We agree with you. However, when it comes to cleaning, you may not be so satisfied. Don’t worry, we are very professional doing this for you. If you want to get a deep spring cleaning service, all you have to do is visit our site. You can create an appointment by selecting the date, time and cleaning type from the system, and request professional cleaning service from 2 hours to 8 hours. You can also request your cleaning materials from the team according to your preference, and you can choose extra services such as oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning and ironing. You can benefit from all these services for only £17 per hour. After then, all you have to do is decorate your fragrant, clean home for summer and enjoy the cleanliness. Book your spring cleaning service now. 


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