The Easiest Way To Clean Garage

Does the untidy and dirty state of the garage, which carries all the visible and invisible burden of the house, bother you too? That old chair you didn’t throw away saying ‘One day you’ll need it’, the repair materials you kept saying ‘Maybe it’ll work’, and the broken items you couldn’t have the heart to throw away…

I really want you to think. How many times have you needed those old items in your garage? How many were actually usable? Or most importantly, did you find what you were looking for? In general, garages are cluttered and dusty places where we can’t easily find what we’re looking for. The reason for this is the items we throw away irregularly and the garage cleaning that we neglect for a long time.

Reduce stuff

Reducing stuff is a must for a deep garage cleaning. You should start  job with the regulate. We have to divide the items in the garage into 3 groups. First of all, you can make 3 groups as frequently needed, rarely used, and never used in the last few years. Those that are never used will probably never be used in the future. For this reason, you can throw them. Then you can sort through items you rarely use. It may make sense to dispose of things that are rusted, out of function, spoiled or broken. Those in the group you use frequently can wait on the side.

The second step is to classify according to their functions the items that you do not throw away . Because if repair tools, garden products, sports equipment and car parts are in the same box, it can be impossible to find what you are looking for. You can use labeled boxes and transparent organizers for this classification. So it will be easy to find what you are looking for.

Dispose of waste

We will throw unused or spoiled products out of the garage. So how does it sound to make money from these products instead of throwing them away, or to protect the environment by recycling them? You can earn money by selling scrap products. At the very least, some of the money you spend on garage cleaning and organizers can come back into your pocket. Or you can throw paper, metal, plastic and glass products into the recycling bin and contribute to the protection of nature.

And deep garage cleaning

Items were all sorted into groups, those that were to be thrown away, scraps sold. The shelves and cabinets in the garage are empty right now. But haven’t we forgotten something?

If we put everything back on the shelves right now, we wouldn’t be doing any real cleaning. Because the dust on the shelves, the traces of car oil on the floor, the stains on the wall are still looking at us. We really need a deep clean to get rid of these.

In such a large and deep cleaning, it is possible that the equipment in the house will be weak and force you. For this reason, Getfixly does not leave you alone in the garage cleaning. We carefully clean your garage for you and we get rid of  all visible and invisible dirt your garage. Our professional team uses state-of-the-art products that do not need electricity and taps during garage cleaning. For this reason, you are guaranteed to get the best results even if you do not have a tap and socket in your garage. With the jet/pressure washer we use, we remove unwanted stains and dirt from the surface and deliver your garage to you as it was on the first day.

If you want to have your garage cleaned easily with this wireless system, you can contact us and make a reservation. Contact us to get information about pricing that changes according to the size of the garage and to make a reservation.

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